1. groovyhappens:

    One of my all-time favorite photos… need this print!

    Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads & Grandmaster Flash (1982, NYC) 

    Photo by Laura Levine.

  2. suicidewatch:

    Mick Collins, The Gories

  3. mygang:

    Son House

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  7. wickedbabylon:

    Peter Tosh

  8. notcarriebrownstein:

    Monty Python has the most creative, absurd, demented, and hilarious short cartoons i’ve ever seen.

    God bless you Terry Gilliam

    (gif credit goes to gypsyastronaut)

  10. auxgang:

    Kurt Vile at Interstellar Rodeo. Edmonton, 2013.

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  12. teolar:

    Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?: An Animated Conversation with Noam Chomsky. French animated documentary film by Michel Gondry