1. suicidewatch:

    The Modern Lovers, 1972

  2. dolly-lungs:

    Photo of Don Letts used on the cover of The Clash’ compilation album, Black Market Clash.

  3. Os Mutantes, playing “Domingo no Parque” with Gilberto Gil in the 4th brazilian “Song Festival”, in 1967

    (Source: some-killinglies)

  4. Radiohead. Snoozer Magazine, 2008

    (Source: msyorke)

  5. lapitiedangereuse:


  7. soundsof71:

    Alice Cooper, Circus Magazine, July 31 1971.

  8. lostintheglare:

    woody guthrie singing on the subway

    (via thismachinekillsfascists4free)

  10. vintagegal:

    David Bowie photographed by Brian Ward, 1971

  11. Iggy

  12. seafaringgypsy:

    Stevie and Grover